Welcome Electromagnetic Fields and Environmental Wellness Seekers!

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and Environmental Wellness Education,
Mitigation and Remediation with Scientifically Proven Environmental Technologies,

Q-Link Pendants for BioField Enhancement
and the 2 Pure H2O Drinking Water Purification System
Here's where to begin, by learning the basics of what you can do to protect you and your family from EMFs:

General Wellness Consulting

Identify your sources by sight until you acquire EMF instruments:

EMF Sources

A Q-Link Pendant offers enhanced strength of the energy field around the body:

Q-Link Pendants & Other Protective Products
The most researched energy product in the world

Reduces the effects of EMF radiation and strengthens your resilience to the effects of stress,
while increases your energy and stamina.

RF Shielding is extremely difficult and requires a highly experienced electrical professional:

Radio Frequency (RF) Shielding

Each of these videos educates about EMF dangers and how to address them:

EMF Videos

This air purifier is designed to help protect those who desire clean air and especially good for those living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS). The GC™ MultiGas filters particles, gases, odours, and chemicals. Often this need has to be addressed along with EMF Protection.

The GC MultiGas Room Air Purifier

"Best on the Market" Water Products Overview

water ripple
Purified Drinking Water

1. Purified Drinking Water
"2 Pure H2O" Vita Tech Water System

The Best of Today's Water Technology in One Complete System

2. Omica Shower Filter

Omica Organics has developed an integrated technology that yields an advanced filtration system that helps reduce harmful contaminants

3. Whole House Systems

Crystal Quest
Specialty Filters are recommended to remove specific contaminants from city or well water. 
They can be used stand-alone and are recommended to be added to our
under-the-counter drinking water purification system.

4. AquaMagna Magnetic Descaler

An eco-friendly 
descaler alternative to water softeners ...
MAGNETIC Water Treatment

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