AquaMagna Magnetic Descaler
Partial List of Industrial/Commercial Users

A.G. Simpson Automotive, waste water discharge
Appleby College, cooling tower, compressors,  swimming pool
Bankside Terrace Nursing Home, kitchen, dishwashers, steam tables
Budd Automotive (Canada), process spray equipment, employee showers
Caledon Landfill Site, cooling towers, heat exchangers
CanAmera Foods, heat exchangers
Central Park Lodge, domestic water
City of Aurora, cooling tower, compressors (arena)
City of Barrie, cooling towers, compressors (arena)
City of Brampton, cooling towers, compressors, swimming pools
City of Brantford, Cooling towers
City of Burlington, cooling towers, compressors (arena)
City of Columbus Ohio, water treatment plant, sludge control
City of Georgetown, cooling tower, compressors (arena)
City of Grimbsy, cooling tower, compressors (arena)
City of Ingersol, swimming pool
City of Mississauga, boilers, cooling towers (arena)
City of Oakville, cooling tower (arena)
City of Oshawa, cooling towers, compressors (arena)
City of Paris, cooling tower, compressors (arena)
City of Tilbury, cooling tower, compressors (arena)
City of Whitby, cooling towers, compressors (arena)
Dana Automotive, spray equipment
Del Property Management, boilers, swimming pool, spa
Dixie Cold Storage, cooling tower, compressors
Dow Chemical, boiler
Freeze-Dry Foods, cooling tower, compressors
Frito Lay, Process equipment
Halton Catholic School Board, domestic water - hot & cold
Harvey's Restaurants, domestic water (main water line)
Kentucky Detention Center, Domestic water and boiler equipment
Lawson Marden Packaging, heat exchangers, process cooling
Lynch Foods, heat exchangers
Maple Leaf Gardens, refrigeration equipment
Mayfield Farms, process cooling water
Menasco Aerospace, heat exchangers, boilers
Meritor (Rockwell International), heat exchangers, process cooling water
Oakville Hospital, inlet to water softener
Olympia & York - First Canadian Place, water fountain
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, irrigation water
Ontario Reality Corp, spray humidifiers
Petro Canada Refinery, heat exchangers, boilers
Prairie Meadows race Track, Cooling Towers
Sheridan College, boilers
Stackpole Powder Metal Products, boiler, steam lines
Sun Life Canada, Cooling towers
Syncrude, Cooling water
T&S Plastics, cooling tower, heat exchangers
Tim Hortons, domestic water line (hot & cold)
Unilock Paving Stone, process spray equipment
Uniroyal Chemical, heat exchangers

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