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Simona Wilson, California Mom Repeatedly Shocked In Shower By Stray Electricity,
Awarded $4 Million
(1:31 min.)

The Huffington Post | By Megan Griffo
Posted: 03/21/2013 12:01 pm EDT Updated: 03/21/2013 12:01 pm EDT

Mike Holt discusses Stray Voltage
(1:34:27 min.)

Published on 25 Mar 2012
Visit http://www.mikeholt.com Mike is nationally recognized as one of America's most knowledgeable electrical trainers. His instruction has helped tens of thousands of electrical professionals ensure that the proper design and installation of electrical systems are in accordance with the NEC. His dynamic and animated teaching style is relaxed, direct and enjoyable. Mike's best quality is his ability to communicate technical topics in an easy-to-understand manner.

What sets Mike Holt Enterprises apart from other publishing companies is that it was created to serve the needs of the electrical community exclusively. Mike realized his vision over the last 30 years by creating a company that takes care of its customers, provides high quality training, and continues to find ways to improve the safety of the industry.

EMF Ground current and stray voltage in apartment buildings
(2:49 min.)

Uploaded on 30 Jan 2012
Russ Loader and his wife feel they have been harmed by the electromagnetic fields that are running underneath and along the floor in their Oshawa Ontario apartment. Even with the power turned off in their apartment, there is enough current running along the floor to light a Christmas tree bulb. This can happen when electricity runs along grounded rebar or metal water pipes or other conduit that houses internet cables, security camera wires etc. Removing the grounded neutral wire from the pipes often corrects this problem.

Another source of EMF in the floor can come from transformers in florescent lighting fixtures that are installed in the ceiling of the apartment below. It's best to purchase a gauss meter to check you home for unwanted high electromagnetic fields.

For additional information about ground current visit:
http://www.groundcurrent.com and http://www.magdahavas.com

Contact Voltage at Druid Hill Avenue
(0:50 min.)

Posted: Thursday, November 17, 2011

The News of Cumberland County traveled to Baltimore, Md. with Power Survey and Anthony 'Bubba' Green to survey contact voltage running rampant through the city's streets and recreation parks. Green's daughter Deanna was killed by the contact voltage in Druid Hill Park in 2006.

Contact voltage: America's unknown danger
(3:44 min.)

Published on 31 Aug 2011
It's a hidden danger in America's cities: Frayed power lines can turn ordinary lamp posts, manholes or fire hydrants into hazards that can shock or even kill. Sharyl Attkisson investigates.

Measuring House Stray Voltage
(2:44 min.)

Uploaded on 12 Aug 2011
Just 2 volts of stray voltage is known to kill cows. It probably has the same effect in humans. Stray voltage is a sign of a poor grounding system that needs to be fixed. In cows: "It's a slow, painful tortuous death, is what it is for them," said Siewert, who with his father, Harlan, owns Siewert Holsteins in Zumbro Falls. "It's like watching someone die of AIDS."

Exclusive: Potentially deadly electrical charges found on city streets
(4:23 min.)

May 10, 2011
NORTHEAST OHIO -- You need to be careful where you walk and what you touch outdoors. Channel 3 News found hidden hazards in Akron and Cleveland that could kill you.


WJZ Reports: Stray Voltage in Baltimore
(3:18 min.)

Uploaded on 15 Feb 2011
A WJZ investigation is revealing decaying wires are causing serious hazards throughout Baltimore neighborhoods, hazards so serious they can shock or even kill people as they walk down the street.

Search for Stray Voltage in NYC
(2:09 min.)

Uploaded on 16 Feb 2011
James Tuosto, a Con Edison employee, discusses how the company searches for Stray Voltage in New York City.

Con Edison's aggressive stray voltage program produced another year of dramatic results in 2010, as the number of reported electric shocks plunged.

The company said 59 shocks were reported last year, a 30 percent drop from the 84 reported in 2009. Last year's number was 79 percent lower than the 285 shocks reported in 2004, the first year of the company's program to detect and fix energized objects. The number of shocks has decreased six straight years, or every year since the program began.

The number of shocks reported from Con Edison equipment has declined by even more. Fifteen shocks were reported from the company's equipment last year, compared with 24 a year earlier and 210 in 2004. The company reported the 2010 results in an annual filing (http://www.coned.com/2010AnnualTestin...) with the New York State Public Service Commission.

"These numbers make it clear that our innovative program is making New York City's streets safer," said John Miksad, senior vice president of Electric Operations for Con Edison. "We have crews on the street nearly every night scanning for stray voltage. And when we find a hazard, we move quickly to make it safe, even if our equipment is not the source of the problem."

Stray voltage, also known as contact voltage, occurs when defective wires or cables energize objects such as manhole covers, lampposts, metal scaffolding or fencing. Wet conditions and road salt make it more likely for these objects to conduct electricity.

Con Edison urges anyone who suspects stray voltage to call 1-800-75-CONED. The company also recommends that people keep pets away from metal objects.

Con Edison tests nearly 750,000 structures, including manholes, service boxes, underground transformers, and city or municipally-owned street and traffic lights.

The number of energized objects has dropped as Con Edison has performed more scans. The company scanned more than 70,000 miles of city streets last year.
The company found and made safe 2,099 pieces of equipment in 2004. By 2009, that number reached 6,267 before dropping back to 4,717 last year. More than 60 percent of the stray voltage conditions the company found last year were due to failures on non-company equipment.

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