The finest drinking water purification system on the Planet,
for residential, office and commercial needs.
It is medical grade pure and cleaned energetically, as well as chemically.

"2 Pure H2O" Vita Tech Water System

Triple Purified, Energized, Restructured, Living, Alkaline Water!

Restructuring Unit (Magnet to Faucet)

PHASE I "Ultra Pure" Under counter water filters "polish" or clean your water by reducing the amount of rust and
sediment, odors and chlorine, lead, bacteria, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) including pesticides like linden and herbicides like atrazine. An under counter water filter in your home
will provide you with great tasting water for drinking, cooking, and making beverages like
coffee, tea, and juices.

STAGE 1 & 2

Throughout the first filtration stage, tap or well water passes through a sediment filter where silt, sediment and particles (like sand and clay) are removed. Then in the second stage, water is forced through a high efficiency solid carbon block filter where 10 micropulverized carbon efficiently absorbs chlorine, chloramines, pesticides and other harmful organic chemicals and
pollutants. This prefiltered water is now cleaned of membrane-damaging particles and chemicals. These stages protect the RO (reverse osmosis) membrane from harmful damage.

STAGE 3 & 4
REVERSE OSMOSIS  (First Purifier)
For most areas of the world, RO (reverse osmosis) is the only reasonable option for water
treatment. It is a continuous self
cleaning ultra
filtration system. ROs remove up to 95% of
undesirable water contaminants and total dissolved solids allowing only the clean water to pass
Only the highest quality RO membranes have been individually tested and selected for the "2 Pure H2O" Water System, these membranes usually last 2 to 5 years.  
The pre-filtered water passes through a thin film reverse osmosis membrane module where pure water molecules are
separated, leaving salts, hardness, bacteria, viruses, pyrogens and other impurities isolated and
available for flushing from the system. Afterwards the cleaned water goes thru the R.O. membrane, and then passes into an under the-counter 2.5 gallon pressurized storage tank.
This tank usually fills in 1 to 2 hours.
The quality of your product water in other single purification reverse osmosis systems depends on the age and quality of the RO membrane. Lower quality membranes can remove up to 95% when new but weakens quickly over time, requiring replacement up to every year.

STAGE 5 & 6
Deionization is a method used most often by laboratories to
produce purified water on demand.
All naturally occurring water contains dissolved mineral salts. In solution, salts separate into
positively charged cations and negatively charged anions. Deionization can reduce the amounts
of these ions to very low leve
ls (up to a 90% removal of the remaining 5% left from reverse
osmosis), through the process of ion exchange.
are removed by cation exchange resin. It replaces sodium, calcium, magnesium, and
other cations with hydrogen ions (H+).
Two general type
s of anion resin are used for deionization: weak base resin and strong base
resin. Weak base resin adsorbs strong acids, while strong base resin exchanges chloride, sulfate
and alkaline anions for hydroxide ions (OH
). The hydrogen ions from the cation exc
process combine with the hydroxide ions anion exchange process to form water (HOH or H
In a mixed bed deionizer, cation and anion resins are thoroughly mixed in a single cartridge.
The mixed resins act like a series of alternating cation and ani
on exchange cartridges to
produce very high quality water. A mixed
bed deionizer typically removes 90% of the remaining
total dissolved solids.
Bacteria and Virus Disinfection
stainless steel housing
A UV lam
p purifier should be installed in every home to provide safe drinking water. A must for
rural homes or cities where water quality is questionable. Ultraviolet (UV) Lamps disinfect water
for residential and commercial applications. UV light disinfection sys
tems will protect you from
harmful bacteria (e
Coli), virus, and parasitic cysts (cryptosporidium and giardia
beaver fever) that have been found in drinking water.
Chlorination of municipal water is not sufficient to kill cysts. Many communities
and private
homes draw surface water from lakes, streams, reservoirs, or wells that are open to pollution
from natural, agricultural and industrial sources.
Ultraviolet lamps create light at 254 NM wavelength; this wavelength penetrates the micro
s found in water and damages the DNA of the bacteria and virus to prevent replication
and renders the organism inactive (all bacteria, virus, moulds, algae, and yeast).  The UV light
is placed after the storage tank to kill any organisms that can grow in t
he storage tank.
The "2 Pure H
O" water system pre
filters the water before it reaches the UV system. The
reduction levels are 99.99% in properly sized systems. The UV unit does not add any chemicals
or by
products to the water. The UV unit uses 25 to 65
watts of power, the same as a light
bulb. It plugs into a wall outlet. It is best to leave the unit on all the time; the lamp is rated for
1 year of continuous use.
With the "2 Pure H
O" system, cleaning of calcium and iron deposit from the UV lamp is not
required. Calcium and iron do not build up on the UV lamp because of the triple purification
prior to reaching the lamp. The UV light is resistant to damage by brownouts and voltage
fluctuations. It will withstand a range of 90
265 volts and still opera
te properly. The unit has
an alarm and red light to warn of failure.
Helps to reduce particles and prevent possible damage to watertight seals in faucets and
appliances, therefore cutting down on maintenance costs.  The Post Carbon Filter uses a granular activated coconut shell carbon with hundreds of square feet of absorption area, which helps to polish and improve the taste and odor.
PHASE II "VitaTech"
Vitality Enhancing Technology
From physics, we know that everything is vibration. Every material reacts on certain frequencies more or less strongly. Ideal vibrations create impulses, which, under defined circumstances, start a chain reaction (of vibrations) with increasing force.  Water is changeable; it is able to absorb, transfer and release information in its structure. Therefore, even after physical purification, water still often carries unhealthy electromagnetic frequencies from poisonous substances that have been removed by the first three purifiers and sterilizer.
In  the  last  stages  of  water  purification,  "2  Pure  H2O"  technology  will  erase  unwanted frequencies, and reprogram the water to copy that of nature. 
STAGE 9 & 10
Erasing Memory Molecule Coherence
A triangular shape magnet is held in a steel casing. Each side of the triangle is a 12,000 Gauss NdFeB magnet. At the center point of the triangle where the magnetic energy surrounds the water as it flows through this section, there is a 36,000 Gauss magnetic field has a effect of erasing the frequency memory on the passing water. It influences the ions within the water to enhance ion exchange that will improve the oxygen utilization of the water. Water molecules are usually random, or disorganized. This strong field also makes the water molecules coherent. This means that it makes the water molecules more organized.
Most importantly we can imagine the effect of the O2
Pure technology with its ability to erase unwanted frequencies. Yes, as humans we need the right kind of frequencies. This
brings us to the next step in "2 Pure H2O" technology.

Adding Natural Mineral Properties
When the water flows over the special mineral rocks (74 minerals), the water with no memory is now programmed with the new frequencies of 74 minerals. The water is carried forward in an s-pattern movement, identical to that of water in nature. It is the frequencies of these minerals (that are programmed into the water) that make the change, and not the minerals themselves.

Adding Natural Earth Properties
Far-infrared energy is sometimes called "the wavelength of life" which causes the water molecules in the body to vibrate.  When the water flow is channeled through natural far-infrared honeycomb shaped ceramic materials, the water is imprinted with the far-infrared frequencies.

Natural Flow Form Surface Tension Lowered
At the same time, the water is brought in a movement (s
pattern), which is copied by nature.  
When the water flows mov
es through the ceramic far
infrared balls (also containing minerals)
it creates an "S" shape configuration (pattern) that mimics and energizes the water (like free
flow form water). The surface tension is reduced, improving the biological permeability and
hydration properties.
STAGE 14, 15 & 16 Calcium, Magnesium, and Coral Calcium Re
Calcium and Magnesium and Coral Calcium are now added to the water stream to add a small
amount of minerals to balance the water. The effect of these special
minerals is to help
balance the pH and energize the water, giving it more electrons.
The "2 Pure H
O" Water System combines a number of simple and highly sophisticated
technologies, along with precision filters to remove impurities. Some stages remove
ntaminants more effectively than most conventional filters. Other components of the system
energize and re
mineralize the water, using Vitality Enhancing Technology to provide sparkling
clear, great
tasting water. One of the basics of good health is a dail
y intake of clean water.
It's simple. It's convenient. And it can have a major impact. Now it's possible to have a source
of water that is chemically and energetically ready to support your health, right in your home.
uality housings, filters, and durabl
e mounting frames ensure years of dependable service.
Installation by a professional plumber required. Depending on your household needs, look at
our whole house carefree chlorine removal system.
Q. Is it okay to use a water soften
er with the "2 Pure H
O" Water System?
A. Yes, Water Softeners will reduce build up and scaling to extend the
life of
your water heater,
water pipes, fixtures and appliances. Using a Water
Softener (
good potable water) in
combination with the "2 Pure H
Water System will extend the life of the RO membrane.
Q. If you have hard water and no water softener cans you still uses the "2 Pure H
O" Water
A.  It is preferred that you use a water softener.  Hard water is more than a nuisance. It is
too.  It contains calcium, magnesium, and iron, which build up inside your water heater,
water pipes, fixtures and appliances.  The "2 Pure H
O" Water System provides the highest
quality RO membrane in order to provide the best (rejection) quality of wate
r for the longest
period of time.  Hard water will shorten the life of the membrane
and therefore
might require
replacing more often.
Q. I use a water distiller, and the taste of the water is flat and heavy. What does the water
taste like from the "2 Pure H2O" Water System?  
A. With the "2 Pure H2O" Water System, the taste is like natural spring water, with a nice light mineral taste that refreshes your thirst. Vitality Enhancing Technology restores the water's natural mineral properties and improves the surface tension, and biological availability, as well as increased hydration of your body. Everything you use water for will taste better.

Q. What is Vitality Enhancing Technology?
A.  This new technology is exclusively from "2 Pure H2O" Water System. It is the first of its kind to be introduced to purify home drinking water, which offers ultra purified, restructured, pure re-mineralized water. Vitality Enhancing Technology is the next step in water purification and enhancing your health.  

Q. How does the "2 Pure H2O" Water System compare to buying bottled water for drinking?
A.  No heavy bottles to lift, no trips to the store, and no monthly billing required. All bottled
water, even the best, is inconvenient for a family. Tests indicate that most bottled water may
be of low quality and often does not even meet the same standards as tap water. Bottled water
is more costly than the water prepared with the "2 Pure H2O" Water System. When the quality
and performance is combined, it is the most cost-efficient convenient method of getting pure
great-tasting water.

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