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Leuren Moret DHS uses Berkeley, CA template to overthrow USA Gangstalking, EMF, Grid Changes

Original Published on 15 Jul 2014 by Alfred Lambremont Webre

Leuren Moret: DHS/Janet Napolitano using Berkeley, CA as template for overthrow of USA -- Organized Gangstalking, EMF Cop Toys, Grid Changes

[100:36]  What I'd like to talk about in our next interview
[100:39]  is how people can walk around their neighborhoods
[100:44]  and begin to see the changes
[100:47]  that look small or they are not even noticeable
[100:50]  but these are leading to these very dangerous technologies
[100:55]  of complete surveillance and social and political control
[100:59]  and for instance walk up and down the streets
[101:04]  and look up at the transformers and you will see
[101:07]  in some neighborhoods that they are taking
[101:10]  perfectly good and not old transformers
[101:14]  off of the poles and they're replacing them with much smaller transformers
[101:19]  that have ten times as much power. These are to transmit
[101:24]  very heavy frequencies into blocks
[101:28]  of neighborhoods where they can much more
[101:31]  closely control them and these are the beginning
[101:36]  of the electromagnetic
[101:39]  invisible barbed wire fences
[101:43]  that will keep us in our homes in our
[101:46]  neighborhood, in our local villages
[101:49]  and immobilize us because they don't want us moving around.
[101:53]  They don't want us exchanging information
[101:56]  and explain
[101:59]  how this is organized and what it looks like.
[102:03]  People can go around their own neighborhoods and start sharing that
[102:06]  information
[102:07]  with other people and what you don't want
[102:10]  is smart meters. You want to fight that
[102:14]  as hard as you can. That is on the Ismarsnet satellite
[102:17]  the in Mars bad battle I and it
[102:20]  in the London headquarters that bin mars bad
[102:23]  they halfback yet all the smart week meters around the world
[102:28]  and every electronic device that you are using
[102:32]  in your home they know with in fact him
[102:36]  what you're doing in mind and and on those then marched out
[102:39]  satellite these are the kinds doubt
[102:42]  gap and resistant that people can take it should take
[102:47]  by they need to be educated about it they need to know what to look for
[102:51]  and then they need to know what they can do about it

Japan Tsunami Fukushima Nuclear Disaster 1/2 - Leuren Moret - PDX 9/11 Truth


Part One

Leuren Moret is a Nuclear Power whistle-blower who is telling all who will listen about the dangers of Nuclear Power. Like playing with fire... mankind has not learned as can be seen in the engineering mistakes made in building the Fukushima Plant in Japan. Nuclear radiation is very dangerous and we will be stuck with the consequences for a long time to come. There are certain measures you can take to protect yourself. Listen as she explains.

PDX 9/11 Truth

Let Japan now lead the world away from Nuclear Energy to safe nonpolluting power...Zero Point, Engines that run on Wate, Browns Gas .. whatever. Japanese people are now paying a terrible price from the Energy Monopoly's mistakes and control, short sightedness and foolishness. Time to dump Nuclear Power and we know alternative energy is being suppressed because it may be non centrailised and uncontrolled..off the grid which is controlled and monopolized by Corporations for their profit.

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Japan Tsunami Fukushima Nuclear Disaster 2/2 - Leuren Moret - PDX 9/11 Truth


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