PerforMax Whole House System

The NEW PerforMax System

The Ultimate Whole House Water Filtration System

 • Potassium water softening
• Removes chemicals and sediment
• Chlorine or Chlorine & Chloramine

Advanced Features Include:

  1. Counter-current regeneration: More efficient bottom up flow regeneration.
  2. Soft water regulated brining: Soft water is sent to the brine tank ONLY as needed.
  3. True variable brining: System decides only how much resin to regenerate. Regenerates only what is needed. Normal systems regenerate 100%.
  4. User friendly electronics: Set time of day and system does the rest. Hardness set during installation. 9-volt battery backup included.
  5. Real-time flow rates: Push flow rate button to display real time flow rate in gallons per minute.
  6. Vacation mode: Minimal regeneration every 2 weeks, just enough to keep the system fresh .
  7. Troubleshooting: Shows system's activity history - such as how many days and gallons since the last regeneration.
  8. Factory programmed: Everything is factory programmed except time of day and hardness.
  9. Consumer lockout option: Prevents consumer from accidentally changing factory settings.
  10. 24 GPM service flow: Normal systems have 17 GPM service flow.
  11. 1 ¼ inch connections: Normal systems have 1 inch service connections.
  12. SB106 efficiency compliant: USA Senate Bill 106 efficiency compliant. Meets future ecological!
  13. Chloramine: 7x more costly filtration media! The cost is $40 per cubic foot for coconut carbon vs. $300 per cubic foot for catalytic carbon. This is why chloramine removal is much more expensive.
  14. Both Chlorine & Chlorine/Chloramine Longer Contact Time: Minimum 2 cubic feet of catalytic carbon for longer contact time than chlorine to remove chloramine. Plus the electronics ensure maximum contact time vs. other systems.

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PerforMax System

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  • Best if only chlorine is present in your water.

$1,795.00  USD  


  • A must if both chloramine & chlorine are present as it takes multiple types of media and catalytic carbon to do chloramine removal and therefore it is significantly more expensive than just coconut carbon for chlorine removal.

$2,995.00  USD

Prices may change without prior notice.

2 Pure H2O

Contact Us about combining the 

PerforMax System

with the 

"2 Pure H2O" Vita Tech System
The Under-the-Counter Water Purifier

to create the

Ultimate Water System of the Future 

In Your Home Today!

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