Radio Frequency (RF) Shielding

RF Shielding Materials, when used correctly, are needing a complex engineering exercise, and thus can make your circumstances better; if not they have the potential to seriously aggravate the situation, or even create the worst case scenario. It is difficult to do this right; it's definitely NOT a job for an amateur. Find a highly experienced certified electrician who can do this well.

  • To avoid internal EMF reflections, will you eliminate all RF/Microwave exposures from wireless sources located inside your home, including digital (DECT) cordless phones, Wi-Fi, microwave ovens, cell phones, Bluetooths, PDAs, walkie-talkies, baby monitors, remote-controlled devices and their remotes, security systems and so on?
Cordless phone

  • How do you attenuate any additional reflections within your premises generated from external RF/Microwave sources such as a cell phone tower or a neighbour's baby monitor, cell phones, cordless phones or Wi-Fi signals, etc., that could be located on the opposite side of your one wall protected with RF/Microwave shielding material?
cell phone tower
  • What is the risk of harm to others who may be affected by your EMF RF/Microwave reflections directed away from you?
RF Hazard
  • Do you need absorptive material as well as reflective material in every shielding application?
microwave absorber sheet
  • Will your highly conductive shielding material, with its antenna-like characteristics, attract and amplify hazards, by introducing magnetic field/electrical /Low Frequency EMF issues, by acquiring voltages and currents of its own rather than solely deflect unwanted RF/Microwave EMF?
aliminum foil
  • Does your shielding materiel need to be grounded? If so, can you ground successfully, or will your grounding cord act as an antenna, perhaps being a harmonic of the frequency you intended to block? Then, will the grounding cord become electrically absent? Is there any way to go around this?
  • If grounding your shielding material, have you tested for Ground Current/Stray Voltage? Is it actually safe for you to test for Ground Current/Stray Voltage? Can you control this variable?
    •  “You need fairly sophisticated equipment, namely an oscilloscope meter measuring high frequencies between two metal rods. Another way is to measure on metal plumbing which is often connected to the ground or a metal sink.”
      ~ Dr. Magda Havas, PhD

      • "A growing concern is that we have an aging infrastructure and an inadequate capacity to keep the electricity flowing along the wires. As a result, electric utilities allow the energy to flow along the ground, making the ground into another wire." ~ Dr. Magda Havas, PhD

      • "The consequences are just as lethal as being electrocuted, although the suffering is prolonged." ~ Dr. Magda Havas, PhD

In memory of David Colling of Ripley, Ontario, Canada

Friday, November 1, 2013

David Carrick Colling, December 8, 1956 - October 29, 2013

A tragic death has occurred in Ontario. David Colling was conducting an assessment of ground current (stray voltage) at a farm near to Port Perry, Ontario, on Thursday October 24th. He went to check around the farm transformer and soon after, was found unconscious. He had been electrocuted. He was airlifted to Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto but died on Tuesday 29th October.

David specialised in ground current electrical problems on dairy farms. For the past several years David has been assisting dairy farmers around Ontario by conducting detailed electrical testing and finding ways of mitigating significant ground current (stray voltage) issues.

He is well known and was well respected amongst Ontario dairy farmers. He has probably saved countless farm animals from death and serious illness and also helped many farm families to recover their health or avoid serious illnesses.

In recent years David's expertise has also been greatly needed and appreciated by rural communities affected by wind farms. He has measured and documented severe problems caused by high frequencies on the electrical systems in and around wind farms. He has been helping several families who have been unable to live in their homes because of the high frequency pollution that wind turbines are causing on electrical systems.

I first met David nine years ago, when he, as a farmer, was having ground current problems severely affecting his cows and I was also having ground current problems which caused me cancer and had made me very ill. We have been friends since then.

His expertise is irreplaceable and he will be greatly missed by many.

I blame David's death directly on Hydro One for having a dangerous electrical system, being negligent and not taking the problem of ground current seriously. I also I blame the Ontario Energy Board for failing to deal properly with the ground current problem, when they were ordered to by the Ontario Government. The OEB held hearings and made rules about ground current about four years ago, but they obviously failed in their responsibilities, otherwise David would not have been called to deal with a ground current problem at a farm many miles from his home.

Martin Weatherall
Co Director WEEP

  • What happens with your grounded shielding materials during a lightning storm, if 30,000,000 volts strike nearby?
  • If you have EMF household wiring problems, perhaps undetected, or even originating from the neighbour's house next door, what happens with your grounded shielding materials?
Electrical outlet
  • Is body voltage testing a true indicator that your grounded shielding materials are safe?

Caution, Grounding Pads and Sheets: Being Grounded Is Not Equal to Zero-Field Exposure
by Martin H. Virnich, Martin Schauer

Anti Static Strap Health Issue? Are Earthing Mats Really Safe?
(4:42 min.)


Uploaded on 6 Aug 2011

"Earthing mats that plug into electrical outlets may increase the risk of exposure to voltages and intermediate frequencies. In addition to the dangerous risk of becoming a part of the grounding path of surrounding unshielded electricity, there is also the potential to increase one's exposure to intermediate frequencies. Plugging an earthing mat into the electrical ground can be dangerous because intermediate frequency noise and voltage can be picked up from the electrical system onto the ground cable. This noise may be present even when key circuit breakers are turned off, as long as the neutral wires are still connected at the electrical panel with other noise-carrying neutral wires. Even noise-carrying wiring running alongside unenergized wiring can result in a transfer of intermediate frequency noise. A body voltage meter and Grundig G8 radio can be used to test for electric fields and intermediate frequency noise. (This video was taken with a faulty power supply that was causing excessively high readings.) The actual reading appeared to be 4,000mV peak to peak.")

  • Will you allow for the benefits of the various Earth Rhythms, the Schumann Resonances, to protect you?

Earth Rhythms,

  • Warning about Cell Phone RF/Microwave Reflections:

    Q. Is it safe to use a cell phone while travelling inside a motor vehicle, subway, train, airplane, in or near metal-framed buildings or an underground parking garage or an elevator, that is any container that acts as a Faraday Cage?

    A. D
    ue to the RF/Microwave reflective properties of specific "resonant chambers", including a vehicle's metal chassis and frame, and other metal items, such as braces, metal-framed glasses, metal implants, metal jewellry, a significant amount of emitted RF/Microwave radiation is "reflected" back at you as it bounces around, similar to inside a microwave oven.
  • Do not use a cell phone. If you override this, not aware of the real danger, and do use a cell phone, then...
    • If you cover your cell phone with what you think is a protective RF/Microwave shielding radiation case, will the end result for all life and structures on the Planet be better or worse? When you make or receive a call with your cell phone's case covering the antenna, will the cell phone tower, upon detecting your weaker signal, actually instruct your cell phone to increase its power to maximum output to do its job correctly? Is the strategy you used, intending to protect yourself from harm, making your cell phone dose you and everyone around you with even more RF/Microwave radiation?
no cell phone
  • If you create a perfect Faraday Cage how soon will you show adverse health effect symptoms caused by being disconnected from the natural life-giving electromagnetic field of the Earth? How long will you last if it is allegedly a fatal mistake?

Warning: To prevent electrical shocks, keep all conductive materials
away from an electrical outlet and do not allow any contact with live wires.

Disclaimer: The webmaster is providing information on EMF RF Shielding Materials to assist people who are experiencing serious health problems. In every individual situation, hire a local, highly qualified EMF Consultant who will come to your premises in person and check everything thoroughly, for all types of EMF Fields.

RF Shielding Fabric (sold by the meter)

This premium natural cotton fabric reflects analogue and pulsed digital radio frequency (RF) waves from sources such as cell towers, Wi-Fi, and other RF sources. It is considered to be the best high frequency shielding fabric on the market.  It can be used for curtains to shield windows, to cover walls and for bed canopies. To ensure highest performance fell seams (overlapping), should be used.

Note: Sold by the linear meter. All fabrics are 2.5 meters (98.4 inches wide) and sold by the linear meter (approx. 39. 5 inches) Please specify the desired length when ordering. (Quantity = Length) Example: If you order 2 meters and you will be purchasing a piece approx. 79 inches by 79 inches. (no returns on cut fabric)

RF Shielding Foil

RF Shielding Foil
Basic Interior Radio Frequency Shielding Protection - Extra sturdy Aluminum RF Shielding Foil 

Sold in 100 foot rolls, 4 ft wide. Blocks 99.999% of RF (microwave) radiation (@2GHz).

This special aluminum RF Shielding Foil is designed to block analogue and pulsed digital signals from exterior sources such as Cell phone Transmitters, Cell Phone Towers, Cordless Telephones, Wi-Fi signals, Smart Meters and more.  The foil also offers an effective barrier against Low Frequency AC Electric Fields when grounded.
red line

EMF Painting

(0:36 min.)

This video shows you how to paint your room with carbon based paint to reduce the non-ionizing radiation emitted from cell towers, WiFi and DECT phones coming from outside your premises.

Note: All shielded areas have to grounded by a licensed electrician.

Your local “Authority Having Jurisdiction” can require the homeowner to hire an electrical engineer to certify that the product is safe to connect to the electrical ground. If your application requires an electrical inspection AFTER installation, you should check with your local inspector BEFORE you proceed.


Note: The RF shielding paint is permanent and cannot be removed if it is wrong. When selling your home, it has to be disclosed for the EMF safety of the next occupants who otherwise may unwittingly use a wireless device within the RF shielded premises.


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