Survival Seeds For Life -
How To Survive The Coming Ban Of Heirloom Seeds,
Organic Seeds and Non Hybrid Seeds



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 May 18, 2013

You will soon see the headlines saying;

Heirloom Seeds... Organic Seeds... and Non Hybrid Seeds... are ALL BANNED!

The setup for this coming ban can be found in both the Monsanto Protection Act and the EU Plant Reproductive Law. (Research it yourself, and you will see)

"Survival Seeds For Life" tackles the controversial coming ban of organic seeds, heirloom seeds and other non-hybrid seeds and shares with
you what to do now to prepare and what to do when the ban is in effect.

There is a way to take control of one’s own seeds, crops and food supply... and that's where "Survival Seeds For Life" becomes one of the most important books you will ever read.

GMO's Have Overrun The Marketplace

...and polluted our plates and battered our bodies with toxins causing sickness, disease and even death.

Add to that the coming worldwide food crisis do to massive crop damage, critical death of pollinating bees and ever increasing food prices... and you have the making of a historic food apocalypse.

This isn't fear mongering or me being an alarmist... this is me being a realist.

The population is being put into a prison of poison and you are being hit at the center of gravity of what sustains a healthy, strong life... the food you put into your body.

Listen, Whoever Controls the Food Supply Controls the People.

You can control guns, gold and cash... but last time I checked it out, none of those go down and digest well in your gut.

In fact, if you have the food, people will give you all their guns, gold and money in exchange for that food to prevent starvation of themselves and their families.

Some gun owners say they will use their guns to go take the food... and I say to them that a bunch of weaker hungry gunners are no match for a bunch of strong well fed gun slingers guarding the grub.

Like the old frog in the slow boil, we are in a pot of poison about to boil to death from the lethal injections being administered to us via the food supply.

Isn't it interesting that while President Obama signed the Monsanto Protection Act into law, the he and those in the White House actually have their own non-gmo organic garden where they grow their own foods that the chefs cook from?

Isn't it interesting that while the government is laying siege to your seeds, forcing the bad gmo seeds on the population that they have stocked piled millions of pure organic, heirloom and non-gmo seeds in The Svalbard Global "Doomsday Seed Vault” ...?

It's time to act, now!

And let me add one more thing here...

Food prices are soaring and many people cannot afford to eat healthy meals because it is now relatively more expensive than unhealthy products.

The cheapest and fastest meals you can drive-thru and snatch up are deadly, poisonous and devoid of anything good.

Sure, you can wolf it all down and feel full... but in that case you really would be full of crap!

Food Prices Are Leaping Higher While The Nutritional Value Is Dropping To Zero.

Ask yourself at this point, what you will do when food prices become too high or when food stocks become too low. Survival seeds may just be the long term solution you are looking for.

It's time to have your own survival seed bank and be self-sustaining when it comes to food for the rest of your life.

This Kindle book is an investment, providing ideas on how to survive any food crisis, the coming seed ban and at the same time plant and eat healthier types of food.

It's time to come out of your gmo hypnosis and stop allowing you and your family to be genetic lab rats.

Take Control Of The Immediate Future Of Your Food and the Sustainability Of A Healthy Future



Dianne Knight

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Dianne Knight, B.A.

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